30 mins wasted – ITV Brexit What Does It Mean ? Tonight


ITV Brexit What Does it mean. Tonight

I'd seen Chris Choi speak to ITV News about this programme at lunchtime with a clip from the programme with Iona Bain and I thought to myself expert who just does n't truly know.

Watching this programme tonight all you could hear was,'Could be','maybe',possibly',risk of','fear of', etc etc  Our experts marched into Solihull Shopping Centre in a Dragon Style type march.  Our experts exactly who are these people.

The programme was 30 minutes of scare mongering bar the farmer who was optimistic even with farming subsidies likely to be removed when we leave the EU.  

We met a housewife who from what I saw all her shopping was all branded goods no shops own here.  Mmmmhh has n't Chris Choi done a programme where he has told consumers to shop wisely.  I hope he had a word with her before she left.  So a few mins more scare mongering even when New Zealand lamb was discussed there was still a negative slant to it in the end.  

We moved onto housing and a couple who were worried about 'the chain', how this could be affected by the EU.  Sorry but this is hogwash.  The chain as it's termed is an English thing and could be dissolved if they followed the Scottish way of buying houses. Say it's not though, say the chain still exists what difference is it to anything that stands a chain being broken just now.  Someone dying, someone gazumping, someone cancelling, a change of mind, who knows but all of these things of breaking the chain exist before a Brexit.

Brexit is a risk, there seems to be a brainwashing just now in the media of what a risk is.  A risk is not a certainty. A risk is not 50%. A risk could be infinitesimal, it's a chance occurrence.  All of the media just now portray Brexit as a certain failure forever.  

I voted leave.  I did that on the basis of the next 40 years did i think there was the belief Britain could be better out of Europe and the answer was yes.  Did I think that there would be hard times ahead, yes probably 2 to 6 years.  We aint left the EU yet and day in day out we have an almost biased media creating panic.  This was a clear case of panic, scare mongering.

In the end we had the final inter sprinkling of Martin Lewis's views to say, 'We just don't know'.   Martin i bow to you, you really are an expert because you can admit we just don't know. So 30 mins tonight of watching this programme tonight no one could be any further forward other than Martin's point that we should n't create this recession by ourselves.  The market after the leave vote bounced back, things generally do.   

The media have a part to play in the years ahead, creating instability through fear is not the answer.

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