Polish Presenter nail through the hand and disappears to hospital


When a magician comes on your show, you expect to be dazzled not injured.  You expect him to make things disappear, not yourself to hospital though.

Sadly for Marzena Rogalska she took part in a magic trick on Polish TV where a nail was place inside one of a few paper bags. The magician then forced her hard down on the bag, but much to Marzena's painb, the nail was in that bag and went into her hand.

She disappeared with the magician off stage.  Marzena went to hospital were the damage was only superficial.

Marzena has said on her facebook   - Facebook translation English to Polish

I understand that it's hard to believe what happened Saturday on the air. This accident occurred, however. Slowly I'm getting back out there, I'm in the process of treatment. I need peace and that's why now please respect my privacy by refraining from "witty" comments like it's tv viewers. There are many experts analysing it frame by frame, that it was a setup, but this time they're wrong. The truth is that I was hurt, because the trick didn't work out. Most likely this was the first live on air and hence the sensation. But now please give me a month to recover. Those who support me, I am very grateful. I really appreciate it.



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