The Chase – Andy Anihil Eight Ed – Dimetrie must feel a sickboy


The Chase - Andy only manages 8 against The Beast on ITV The Chase.


There are times when you watch The Chase and think what is the contestant thinking when they answer a question, especially when they justify there answer.  Dimitrie chose his answer to be The Railway Children saying that it did n't sound like Trainspotting.  Perhaps he did n't remember the character Sickboy and also seen the Queens English version rather than the plain speaking Scots Edinburgh accent version.

Andy who managed to get through to face The Beast sadly could only manage 8 questions in his 2 minutes. I think he was happy to get those two minutes over, being on his own.  This for The Beast was like taking candy from a baby and he duly beat Andy in 34 seconds.


You can catch The Chase on ITV player and STV Player. 

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