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BBC's The One Show talks Inferno and Typewriters with Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones and Ron Howard.

Top actor Tom Hanks, actress Felicty Jones and Ron Howard spoke about the making of Dan Brown's Inferno.

During the interview Tom spoke of the differences between Ron Howard and Clint Eastwood who directed him in Sully. Basically saying Clint just has you get on with it.   Tom also spoke of his love of typewriters, which gave the programme to do a segment on typewriters.

Felicity looking stunning in black, did not give anything away about her upcoming role in Star Wars - Rogue One, other than to say it was strange to film in green screen etc.

Ron Howard said he was working on a ten part series about Albert Einstein starring Geoffrey Rush.  He also said Channing Tatum had came to him about an idea for Splash where Ryan would play a merman.



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