Diego Costa | Chinese Move Lottery Winner Question


Why you could n't blame Diego Costa if he went to China for £30 million a year salary.

It had been suggested that Diego Costa was heading for China to be part of their wealthy Super League but the move fell through due to the Chinese League clubs only being able to field so many non Chinese.  

Whatever the case the question is was he right to think about going.  It looked like a move was on the cards when he did not play for Chelsea recently.

Costa is a great player, a natural goalscorer at every club he has been at.  He has never found favour or the net so much while playing for Spain.   He has n't been high up the rankings against the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, or recent players like Bale, Suarez or Neymar.  So with that in mind would it be wrong of him to goto China and get the sort of salary that the aforementioned players are receiving.  Would it be so wrong as a person trying to make a living and going where they will be paid the most.   Staying loyal to Chelsea and playing in the most exciting league in the world is a bit of a dilema.  Do you stay where you will get recognition and play in a great domestic league and also play in the Champions League.  The alternative goto the Chinese League and play against players who are nowhere near as skillful or tactically aware.  China as a football team ranks as 81 as of January 2017.

Ask yourself this though if you were good at your job, would you turn down a salary that is almost like getting a Euromillions or National Lottery roll over ticket.  Would you go somewhere for a few years to make lots of money minus the adulation you may have got somewhere else.  

It's hard to say whether Costa or any player that goes to China is like when Beckham went to LA Galaxy and made millions and tried to raise the profile of the game.

In the next few years there is every likelihood more players will goto China for what must surely be primarily financial reasons over on the field glory at a higher level.  The question is should we blame them? 


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