Auchenlarie Caravan Park – FAQ’s to those first time visitors in Year 2019

Mossyard Beach near Auchenlarie Caravan Park, Panoramic Picture

FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions about Auchenlarie Caravan Park.

Auchenlarie Caravan Park is a wonderful place to visit or own a caravan not only in Dumfries but also in Scotland if not Britain. The park is well kept, facilities are very good and the views are stunning and a secluded beach add to the appeal.  It has also to be noted the weather in 2015 when I visited around 10 separate occasions was fantastic.

So below are some questions and answers I have noticed people ask as visitors or on Facebook.

Auchenlarie has a Public Facebook Group

The site is owned and run by the Swalwell Holiday Group, who operate Auchenlarie and also nearby Anwoth Holiday Park.

Their website is 

Auchenlarie Caravan Park Office number 01556 506 200 Please bear in mind office staff maybe dealing with clients at the desk etc  So perhaps ring back, there is someone usually there even on Sundays.

Auchenlarie Beach at Caravan Park

FAQ's in no particular order.           Updated January 2019

Q)  Will my mobile phone work.

A)  02 seems to be the leading operator, where as others are hit and miss. I was with 3 (Three) and that would not work.  Vodafone which my friend had, was down to it's lowest bar on the phone and did work now and then, totally random.

Q) Is there WIFI and is it free.

A) WIFI is free at the sportsbar, located within the park.  WIFI outwith that is chargable at monthly and annual rates.  Speak to the office about these rates.  There are once again mixed reviews about download speeds and signal strength.   Season 2018, Wifi can be installed at your caravan with reasonable speeds.  There is an installation fee and best to pay the annual charge.

Q) Whats the supermarket situation.

A) Auchenlarie has an onsite store which is very well stocked, it's a Premier Store so prices are consistent.  In Gate House of Fleet there is a SPAR, this is located a short distance by car from the site.  Dumfries is where you will find Morrisons & Tescos, so if travelling to Auchenlarie it's advisable to do a shop at Dumfires and any forgotten items then Auchenlarie on site shop or the SPAR. Newton Stewart has a Sainsbury's and Aldi.  Castle Douglas has a Co-Op and some great butchers which are well worth getting something from.

Q) Can I get takeaway delivered from nearby.

A) Some phone/computer apps say yes will deliver, would err on the side of caution and go and collect personally.

auchenlarie caravan rabbit

Things to do at Auchenlarie Holiday Park and Nearby.       Updated January 2019

Q) What is there to do at Auchenlarie.

A) See the Swalwell Holiday Facebook or Auchenlarie Holiday Park Residents Facebook they can do a much better advert for their own business than I can.  Definitely visit the beach and take a walk around the park and take in the scenery.  Oh and lots of hares/rabbits around the park. Lots of other wild life, insects,butterflies, birds etc, so take a camera.

Q) What about outwith Auchenlarie what can I see.

A) First few times I went to Auchenlarie just relaxed in the park. There are some great things to see out of the park, some great walks and relaxation is the main thing and the scenery.  So a few things to see or visit.

Gatehouse of Fleet, the castle remains, the village, the mill and the local pubs worth visiting.  There is a nice short walk next to the Spar Car Park.

Kirroughtree Visitor Centre, is a forest area for you to go on a few walks.  Check the link below.  There is a bike shop, and you can take your mountain bike.  Again if you do the walks there is some great wildlife to be seen if you are quiet, so I did manage to see a deer and a brief glimpse of a hawk or eagle.

There is the famous Cocoabean Company

The Cairnsmore of Fleet is also worth a visit to see the fabulous old train bridge /viaduct which you can climb up a steep grass verge to access and walk along.  This will be a good 1hr 30 mins at least if you walk along the redundant rail path.

Mossyard Beach near Auchenlarie Holiday Park     Updated January 2019

This is about 20 mins walk from Auchenlarie Holiday Park and you go via the road, grass verge, so be careful .  Driving takes about ten minutes, its a single track road and there are passing spaces. You do go through farm.

The beach itself, is very big, and just be mindful of tides.   There are some rocky bit and you could pick mussels if you are that way inclined.

There is parking for around 40 cars, with a voluntary box for car parking fee, recommending £2.

There is also accomodation here.   You can also do Pottery Lessons at Mossyard, check out the website

Cinema near Auchenlarie Caravan Park - Newton Stewart

If you fancy going to the cinema while at Auchenlarie, then you can goto the single cinema hall at Newton Stewart Cinema.

Showings are 7pm and they do have the latest films albeit just showing for a few nights.  Newton Stewart also has some nice bars and a Chinese Restaurant and Takeaways as well as some charity shops.

Check out my review of Newton Stewart Cinema

The Lairds Inn Pub and Restaurant

A little drive along the road is The Lairds Inn Pub at Castle Cary.  It's worth trying if you want to try somewhere else other than The Venue.

Lairds Inn Read full review.

Newton Stewart Cinema
Newton Stewart Cinema
The Galloway Fisherman
Auchenlarie Caravan Park - View from Hill