Beinglas – Great Camping & Huts add Big Portion Tasty Food

Beinglas B&B, Campsite, Bar & Restaurant.

Beinglas Farm Campsite,
Loch Lomond,
G83 7DX - 01301 704 281 - -

Beinglas is most notable as a campsite on the route of the West Highland Way.   

It features camping area, Camping huts and lodges.  Onsite shop basic, more aimed at the overnight stayer has your essentials though.

The bar and restaurant has capacity for those staying at Beinglas and there is live music on a Saturday night.  I stayed here previously in 2014 and the place has not changed much now in 2017.  This was a three night stay rather than an overnighter so got a better feel for the place.

Camping Huts

I have stayed in before, are nice and clean, with 4 vinyl covered single mattresses and 1 power socket.  There is a heater supplied one on wall and one portable. Small window at the far end.  A pillow and sleeping bag were provided.  These cabins I have to say are very well insulated and in a mild rainy October the window had to be left open a little.   These are great to stay in and I'd easily go back to Beinglas for two nights maybe not three now that I have visited the area twice.

Bar & Restaurant

When I stayed here in 2014 it was a welcome sight to see.  I had walked from Balmaha to here and was a very warm July, it was like a wee oasis.  The food was good then, though I was famished and would have ate a scabby, mmmhhh moving on.   

Drink wise theres a reasonable selection and you have Tennents, Guiness and Heverlee to try.  Along with a selection of whiskeys and Kopperberg.

Foodwise its above your standard pub fare.  Most people will probably head for The Drovers across the way if not staying at Beinglas.  If in the area then it's worth trying here for food.  The food is tastey, and portion sizes impressive.  Prices were reasonable too.  

Atmosphere is sociable and that's with guests, locals and staff.  Stayed here during Scotland's last two game qualifiers for Russia 2016 and while the place was not jumping there was a good vibe until we got put out ie Scotland.

Venison Stew Beinglas
A large portion of Venison Casserole at Beinglas Bar & Restaurant.



Beinglas is a great place aimed at Campers and people doing the West Highland Way.  The Bar & Restaurant are worth visiting in their own right not just if you are a walker.  The Droves seems the place to goto but a stop of at Beinglas for food and some entertainment on a Saturday night should not be written off.

As shown below the food was very good and portion size, quality and cooking really made it worth doing this review.  My one suggestion in terms of the fish and chips would be cook some old style chips, like would be made with a chip pan and those odd cuts of chips. Beinglas would be a fab stop for great fish and chips. The batter on the fish was top notch.  


Fish and Chips Beinglas
A whopping Haddock Battered Fish and Chips at Beinglas
A great Belly Buster with delicious meaty 6oz burgers at Beinglas