Employed on a Engineering Helpdesk in Facilities Management

What is an Engineering Helpdesk.   An engineering helpdesk is where faults are taken and resolved by the use of technicians, engineers, joiners, plumbers,contractors etc.

Helpdesks can focus on one particular skill set such as HVAC faults or they can be multi discipline such as taking faults for a shopping centre, an airport etc.

Helpdesk Operator or Maintenance Schedulers take tasks which are either CMs meaning Corrective Maintenance Tasks.  They are also known as reactive faults where a problem happens that was not forseen.  For example a lift stopping would be a CM, a technician may go along to do a first line fix.  If he cannot fix the task then they may require a follow on task by a contractor such as Kone.

The other tasks Helpdesk Operators deal with are PM's Planned Maintenance tasks and there is also Planned Preventative Maintenance PPM.  These are tasks which a planner or asset manager for the location will raise via the computer system in order to upkeep the equipment. So for instance a job may be created for the maintenance of a Air Handling  Unit.  This job might be done every 3 months with 30mins against it, to simply check functionality and condition of parts.  If the engineer finds faults then a further follow on task is raised from the original task.  This follow on task can also be called a child work order as it links to the parent work order ie the original.   The asset manager creates this work order in the form of a job plan, with method statements etc telling the technician how to proceed.  A 3 monthly inspection may also have a larger  job linked to this piece of equipment such as a annual inspection.  This could be an hour inspection or it may be a task going to an outside contractor for more specialised maintenance.

Helpdesk operators also have to reschedule work that technicians cannot complete due to tasks over running.  This happens frequently.   A task is given a set slot but things happen so the technicians package of work will need to be rescheduled either for another shift or another day.  There maybe things such as access issues or even the weather.

Helpdesk operators job will be taking calls, emails, taking jobs from engineers or staff at location or members of the public.

CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) systems used can be IBM Maximo Asset Management, FSI Evolution etc

Helpdesk Operators come under Facilities Management.