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I got one of these as a gift from a friend who had vouchers from Amazon. I have not been using it for about 9 months as of 14th January 2017.  It was a decision between this square one, the round one or a deep fat fryer, or let them keep their vouchers.  I chose this one after reading some Amazon reviews and forming my own opinion and not going with the round one, based on it seemed a bit more of a gimmick for making pizza.

OK, I have to say it came very quickly from Amazon and packaged well, assembly is easy enough, screwing a knob to a glass lid with some spacers.  I'd read reviews about this lid being loose,wobbly, unstable etc etc,  well no,  mine has sat firmly in place so no gripes there. The power connection is a rather odd thing, a 3 inch metal spike that fits into the tray and cooking section of the Vonshef Multicooker. 

Lets start cooking.

My first thing to do was give it a quick wipe with wet cloth to just be rather safe than sorry with a wee clean.  So as you can see my first dish was a lamb dish, it was lamb shoulder with my own curry themed rub, red onion, just under a pint of water, some tomato puree.  So me being me did not read the instructions and whacked it on around 4 1/2  to 5 on the thermostat control.  I seen it bubble and thought i'd give it twenty mins.  About ten mins later I could smell the curry flavour through my flat.  I gave it another min or two and smell was stronger, so went into investigate.  The sauce was very much reduced,, not burnt, but reduced. Must admit even with the lid on the steam and condensation in the kitchen was impressive given 12 mins.  So I added more water and decided to turn it down to around 1 or 2 and just let simmer.  It dawned on me using this device with liquids at high setting would be like cooking with a kettle element.   The lamb dish above did turn out well, in no small part to my recipe.  I'd browned and sealed the small lamb shoulder on my George Forman to give it some colour.  The Vonshef did cook the dish and I would say it is a good device, but I think given the meal was for later I think i should have made in slow cooker.  I would not walk away with the Vonshef on, i would tend to look over what's being cooked unlike a slow cooker.

Pizza was something I had seen reviews on and I decided to try these in the Vonshef Multicooker Square.  I had got two 8in or so fresh made pizza's from Morrisons.  I must admit I was not overly optimistic.  I cooked these at high as per booklets guidance that I decided to read. So for 5-7 mins I let the multicooker do its job. The lid was on and decided to give it a check underneath and the base was cooking but the top was not really getting anywhere.  So 7 mins in, the base was cooked and a mixed meat pizza of bacon, pepperoni and pulled pork it was not really getting anywhere.  What i did was put the pizza on a stand and put it in my microwave with grill and grilled it only, for 5 mins.  Pizza came out great this way and might be an idea for you to try this way or put under your oven grill at your own desired settings and timings.  I tried another pizza with same methods of multicooker and microwave grill and this worked for me and my guest.  The base of the fresh pizza was firm and crisp and the topping was cooked, soft, and gooey.  The multicooker non stick coating was clean , nothing stuck to it.  So yes perhaps for me the topping did n't cook as well, perhaps I will give it one more try.  As I said at the beginning it's timings you have to get right.  Bit like switching between gas and electricity cookers.  You can read my how to cook pizza with Vonshef Suare Multicooker here.

Update January 14th 2018 - I still have the Vonshef Multicooker and use it 4-5 times a week. After 18 months the surface is a tiny bit scratched / worn.  There has been no problems with it and the I've cooked lots of dishes in it.  It's definitely worth the money and is up there with a slow cooker as a indispensable addition to your cooking space on your worktop. 



I have made a breakfast on it, which was bacon , eggs, fried bread, Bell's Scottish Fruit Dumpling, tomatoes and mushrooms.  Tomatoes and mushrooms no problems there. Fruit dumpling was not too bad.  Bacon came out well, as it would fried rather than grilled.  The fried bread was fried and reasonably crisp.  What i did discover was not having had fried food for a while is need for kitchen towel.  So on my second day of making the breakfast i did grill the bacon.  My other tip was to make the fried bread in the mulitcooker then when almost cooked transfer to George Forman and let cook and drain.  Truly a great way of getting excellent fried bread, very crisp.  The eggs I cooked lastly and I did turn the multicooker off and gave a wipe. Be careful of hot oil when doing this.  Eggs came out well over easy.

So is the Vonshef Multicooker Square worth buying.  I would have to say yes.  For cooking on a budget yes.,  for adding to your cooking range yes possibly.  For instance my cooking implements are a steamer, microwave oven with grill, George Forman and Slow Cooker.  Nope I don't have a cooker.  I'm single and get away without it. You will have to check your timings with things, we all have different tastes.   My multicooker won't be going away in a cupboard, it's a good device and for under £20 it's worth buying.  

Hope you have enjoyed this review. Thanks for reading.

Breakfast made with Von Shef Multi Cooker
Breakfast made with Von Shef Multi Cooker

Goodfellas Pizza 06

Some Tips when using the Vonshef Square Multicooker

  1.   Take the lid off towards end of cooking to get rid of any excess liquid, condensation.
  2.   Once finished totally finished cooking and power is off, pour some hot water into the Multicooker, to ease washing later on.
  3.   Use a light soft brush for cleaning or use the NON ABRASIVE side of a sponge for the pan part of multicooker, along with detergent if required.
  4.   Chips I find best to be shallow fried at around 4 on heat dial and require watching.  If using very little oil requires constant turning and takes about 30 mins.
  5.  Fried eggs and omelettes are excellent in this. Eggs sunny side up cook with lid on and that will heat the sunny side up side. If flipping over be gentle and simply turn over for 10 secs at say 3 on the heat dial and remove for serving.
  6. Tilt/rock the Multichef after adding oil so that pan is fully coated.
  7. Buy some of the spray mist type oils for certain things. For instance a steak, spray with oil, two squirts each side, add your salt and pepper and put in the Vonshef which should be on at Max (5) then turn down to 4 after steak hits the pan. Turn to your liking.