Fog Pods of Braemar – Hidden Jewel of the North

FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions about Fog Pods.

Braemar Fog Pods of Braemar Caravan Park are a great place to stay in.   Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the Fog Pods and some pictures.   

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Braemar Fog Pods External

FAQ's in no particular order.

Q)  Would you recommend the Fog Pods of Braemar Caravan Park?

A)  Yes, sadly yes and that means these Fog Pods will be getting booked.  They are lovely pods to stay in, spacious, good facilities, warm, clean and isolated.  Visiting in April when they were open for the new season you did feel as though you were away from it all.

Q) Whats the inside of the Fog Pod like at Braemar Caravan Park.

A) As you can see from the pics below.  There is a decking area. Then a glazed door.  Inside you were welcomed by the heat inside as our hosts had put the heating on.   The pods are spacious.  Carpeted floor and bunked type sleeping with mattresses rather than the plastic covered mattresses at other establishments.   Inside is also a wooden table with four chairs.  There is a ledge with a microwave and a small fridge too.  There are power sockets on this ledge with USB sockets and it's a good touch.  There are lots of power sockets in the POD's so that is a plus point.  The beds have small LED spotlights near where your head would be so these are also a nice modern touch.  All in all the pods are great and upon waking up the next morning you could not fault the experience.

Q) What are the facilities like at Braemar Caravan Park.  

A) The facilities ate Braemar Caravan Park are top notch.  The shop has supply enough to keep you going, it's not a small supermarket.  Staff are welcoming and courteous. Entry and Exit with car is via a barrier. There is a large block which has ladies and gents toilets and shower rooms.   My only slight grumble was one hand dryer, which when the standards are so high could be a more powerful one or two as I could see a queue forming during the summer and people walking out without washing there hands, not me honest.  There is a washing room, drying room and also a reading room.  They serve their purpose and don't have a staid oldie feeling to them.  There are also lockers for Ski's etc or walking equipment.  You also have your food plates and dishes washing area too.   All in all very good standards and do the job.

Q) Would you go back.

A) Yes, the Pods sold it for me going back and also the other facilities.  Braemar itself has a lot to offer and its village type feel I hop never gets lost but with a rebuilding of a new Braemar hotel it's a danger.  There are some good shops with handmade homemade goods.  So I am looking at going back.

Q) How much to the pods cost to stay in each night..

A) The pods cost £50 plus depending on amount of people staying there.  I don't think you could fault the value for what you are getting.   There maybe seasonal variations on price.

Q) What else is there at Braemar Caravan Park.

A) There is a camping tent area with power points.  There is also parking for Caravans and Motor homes.


So anyways the above was some FAQ's about Braemar Caravan Park and the marvellous Fog Pods.  


View outside the Fog Pods of Braemar
View outside the Fog Pods of Braemar Caravan Park