Hudl2 Stuck on Splash Screen or Blinking Star

Hudl 2 stuck / frozen on splash screen , unable to reset or reboot.

I upgraded to Lollipop shortly after it became available for the Tesco Hudl 2. Everything seemed fine, apart from the well known longer boot time and battery life becoming less and less.

My hudl was stuck on splash screen or the screen with the hudl with * for over several minutes. Infact I know there was about 2 hours charge in it and it just kept on splash screen. I had thought it had been bricked. This was around 5th of November 2015 so I think more than a month after upgrade became available. The hudl did seem to not charge as well and if it did then the battery life was pretty much a few hours. I appreciate my hudl was bought for Christmas 2014 , so used daily since 25th of December. So for 2 days I could not get the hudl to boot. I eventually found the

I tried the hold power button in and volume up option and accessed the menu in order to to clear the cache. Sadly doing that my hudl still did not work.

WARNING YOU MAY LOSE A LOT OF YOUR DATA. I eventually had to go back to factory reset settings and start from scratch. This I did and it went through the process of installing and updating apps in the background. The hudl then booted finally and I had to go through setting up Google etc. I had option of re installing what must have been backed upto Google. I decided to only reinstall vital things , which I thought may have data,, so drop box, outlook, and a couple of other things. My hudl is now working. I thought the hudl would have went back to Kitkat, but it has remained on Lollipop even though was factory reset. Obviously lost a few pics etc and few funny meme's I had.... boo hoo. I did try to see before I chose to factory reset hudl, if I could get access to files via usb lead with hudl and and pc, but to no avail, PC did not recognise hudl 2.

Hudl 2 is now working. I did think the HUDL was not working and just left it initially on and it came on after a few hours. Then next time I rebooted it took five to ten minutes. Third or fourth reboot, its been back to under 2 mins which seems to be standard time for Lollipop. As said was either do what I have done or take back to Tescos.

Update 31st March 2016

At the start of December 11 months after getting my HUDL 2 it would not charge, my friend who bought it had it collected by Tesco and I got my HUDL 2 back within a week.  I can only say the Tesco repair service for HUDL 2  is excellent.  It's now March 31st 2016 and I have not had anymore problems since.


June 2016 If you are looking to buy an alternative for your HUDL2 heres a few to consider.

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