JD Gyms Maryhill

JD Gyms – Maryhill – Where is it, whens it open?

Where is JD Gyms Maryhill.

JD Gyms is on Criagmont Drive, Maryhill. G20 9BS

Whats did JD Gyms Maryhill used to be.

JD Gyms Maryhill was previously a Gala Bingo Hall.

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When does JD Gyms Maryhill open?

JD Gyms Maryhill will open on 5th of  July.

Does JD Gyms have a Facebook page for it's Maryhill site.

Yes you can view it here.

What is the website address or link for JD Gyms Maryhill


Does JD Gym's have any special offers for gym membership.

Yes, there are a number of £5.00 first month memberships if you check out their Facebook page.

Normal membership is £19.99 per month.



Whats the opening and closing times for JD Gyms Glasgow

Weekdays: 6 am – 10 pm
Sat & Sun: 8 am – 8 pm

What classes can I do at JD Gyms Maryhill?

See time table of Gym classes at JD Gym Maryhill.

Whats the blimp - airship - balloon in sky at Maryhill.   Answer this belong's to JD Gyms