Newton Stewart Cinema

Newton Stewart Cinema – What’s it like?

What's the Cinema like at Newton Stewart, Dumfries.

Newton Stewart Cinema is a locally funded cinema, so it's not part of a chain.   On the outside it's a very nice looking building, stylish in white.

The cinema opens at 7pm each night and show's one film from the nation's latest offerings.  I visited the cinema on a trip to Auchenlarie Caravan Park and went to see Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody film.  The tickets were booked over the phone.

Upon arriving you collect or pay for your tickets, then go round to the confectionery and drinks section.  You are encouraged to buy from here rather than bringing in your own, which is fair enough for a local cinema.

As you can see from the pic's its has a fairly big amount of seats which were all the same but comfy enough.  For a Saturday night showing of a new film, there was a good turn out probably about 90% full maybe slightly more.  You don't seem to be choosing your seats ie It's first come first served, there did seem to be a tremendous amount of adverts compared to when you goto an Odeon, but maybe that was being there early.  Anyway's the film was good.

So would I go back, well the answer is a simple yes.  That's not just due to it being the nearest cinema, there was just a charm to it and that seems to be missing in the big cinema chain's that they can't quite get.

If you are in the Auchenlarie area and there for a holiday, there is nothing wrong with venturing out to Newton Stewart Cinema to watch a movie.