Review Malcolm Allan The New Yorker Its Worth Buying

A great burger worth trying from Malcolm Allan - The New Yorker

If you are looking for a great burger to try then look no further than the Malcolm Allan New Yorker Burger.   90% Beef and it's fairly tastey.

What is really good about it is the fact there is not much shrinkage when cooked. How often do you get a burger and the packaging shows a big succulent burger that fades away to the diameter of a coke can.

The Malcolm AlLan New Yorker Burger retains pretty much its size.  Having bought these a few times, its worth flattening out the meat pate.

Cooked in a George Foreman grill there was very little fat, plus the Foreman grill will give that nice scorched, seared effect.

On the whole the Malcolm Allan New Yorker burger is well worth buying and trying again and again..

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