Sensational Story of £75,000 for Eamonn,Jonathan & Sandra

Once upon a time a guy from Ireland went on ITV's The Chase and went and got £68,000 and his team £75,000


In a superb edition of The Chase seat 4 contestant Eamonn from Ireland who was a storyteller and would not be out of place in Dungeon & Dragons as the master wizard or as Bradley thought Merlin.

Sandra kicked the game of with a win and moved onto Jonathan who brought the pot upto £7,000.

Sadly young Chloe could not beat The Chaser - The Vixen, not knowing in one of her Questions about Duncan Goodhew and his distance in swimming.

When it went to Eamonns turn and his expression of you are only here once and lets go for the high offer of £68,000 many viewers would think oh dear, nice knowing you.  Eamonn however had other ideas and romped home.

When it came to the next round Eamonn must have been tired or forgot that he was to press his button as he never answered a question.  Though he had proved his worth with the fantastic £68,000.

Jonathan stepped upto the plate and performed fantastically almost singehandedly getting the team upto 17.

Jenny The Vixen had a fight on her hands and it looked like she would catch the team.  Sadly when it came to which poultry product is in a quiche she guessed chicken,with the answer eggs.

The team managed to hold on with a pushback or two.

It's episodes like this that reward bravery that make the Chase worth watching.

You can catch The Chase on ITV Player Stv Player and Youtube channel.

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