Three Great Tips to Passing your Theory Test in the UK

Three tips to help you pass your Theory Test in the UK .

I'm 45 and have recently passed my Theory Test.   The test is harder than what I would have done if I took driving lessons in 1989.

The theory test is based on Multiple Choice and also Hazard Perception Test.

The Multiple Choice Section also has 5 scenario based questions, do not be scared of these, they are just multiple choice again.

Tip 1, To pass your Theory Test.

Buy  - The Official DVSA Theory Test Kit from Play Store or if there is an Apple equivalent.

This was certainly a helpful piece of software.   The questions and answers are exactly the same as you will get in your Theory Test.   The Hazard Perception videos are almost identical, so when you sit in the test room and the video's start playing you will be really comfortable. 

Tip 2, To pass your Theory Test.


This link will tell you all the signs used on UK roads and will help you with the questions on the Theory Test and also help you with the Mock Test on the App.

Knowing what the signs are, knowing that the Red Triangle means warning etc.  

Getting used to what the road traffic signs are will help you immensely in your test and in years to come after passing your test.

Tip 3, To pass your Theory Test.


This is a link to help you with learning about Stopping distances.  There is no doubt a question in the theory test about stopping distance.

Read the question carefully, is it thinking distance, braking distance or stopping distance.



Three best tips to pass your Theory Test

The above tips and links should help you pass your theory test.   Just remember to practice and you can pass your Theory Test.

It can be scary and nerve wracking but using the above three suggestions and using the DVSA app and the mock tests you will feel a lot more comfortable when you sit down and do your Theory Test.

Things to know about taking your Theory Test in Glasgow Washington Street Test Centre.

  • Can I take my mobile to Test Centre - Yes you can take your mobile, but you will be asked to turn your mobile off in front of a member of staff and place it and coats jackets and wallets / purses in a locker.
  • Is there storage  lockers at Theory Test Training Centre in Washington Street Glasgow. - Yes in order to take your test it's almost like airport security, so your items will be put in a locker.  You will be asked to roll up your sleeves if you have a jumper or blouse on.  There is no fee for using the lockers and once you have came out the test room you will go to your locker , hand back your key and get your Theory Test results.
  • How long does it take to get my Theory Test Results. -  After you have sat the test and , went back to your locker, you will goto a desk and the person there will check your provisional driving license.  You will then be handed a piece of paper, your result folded which you can then read.