TV3 Garda Drama Red Rock Female Cast Member Pictures Page 2

Pictures of some of the female cast members of TV3 programme Red Rock.


Red Rock is a programme which is new to the BBC taking on the Doctors slot at 1:45pm weekdays.  It's an import from Irish station TV3 following mainly the Garda officers and interactions with the local community. The show has been running for a while in Ireland and will be returning in September 2016.

Episode's can be downloaded from BBC iPlayer and of course possible spoilers.

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Red Rock Actress Pandora McCormick as lawyer Claire Hennessy.

claire hennessy pandora mccormick 00026

claire hennessy pandora mccormick 00020

claire hennessy pandora mccormick 00016

claire hennessy pandora mccormick 00004

Red Rock Andrea Irvine as Garda Angela Tyrell pictured off duty.

andrea irvine angela tyrell00007

andrea irvine angela tyrell00019

andrea irvine angela tyrell00022

andrea irvine angela tyrell00035

andrea irvine angela tyrell00037

Red Rock Sarah Jane Seymour as Siobahn Reilly first episode when jacket stolen.

siobahn reilly sarah jane seymour00028

siobahn reilly sarah jane seymour00026

siobahn reilly sarah jane seymour00004

siobahn reilly sarah jane seymour00037

siobahn reilly sarah jane seymour00043