WordPress – I Changed my Permalinks and my pages won’t show

As you will no doubt have read elsewhere changing your permalinks is something not to be taken lightly.

I am relatively new to WordPress so I had set up my permalinks for my own website luckily the way I want them to be, with date and topic.

The problem came when I changed a friends website to look like mine, with date and topic for their blog page.  I changed it from the standard index.php heading to date and topic.  Hit update and then tried to view my pages.  All but the home page had disappeared,gone,vanished.  For a good wee while I was going off my head frustrated and double checking everything and also checking Google etc.

So the problem was not with the saving of the permalinks it was to do with the htaccess file.  What I did was deleted the one on the server and WordPress automatically created a new one. Problem solved, all links back up working.  When I created a new post or page the permalinks all worked and were as I believe they should be.

I use a FTP client, mine is FTP Commander. It does the job.  The htaccess file is generally in the public html folder. If you have Cpanel perhaps provided by your domain host then it has a file manager.

Hope the above helps.  It worked for me.