Yorkhill Park A Walkaround – Hospital Grounds,Gilbert Street & Park


A video trip round Yorkhill Hospital Park Grass Area.




My family lived in Yorkhill during the 20th century, places like Regent Moray Street, Blackie Street, Gilbert Street and knew the area of Overnewton very well.    I became aware of Yorkhill when I stayed at weekends with my Granda in 32 Gilbert Street.

I decided to take a wee walk around Yorkhill on July 29th 2016 to see the differences.

I really wanted to see the park, or as kids we used to call the 'plantation', at the back of Yorkhill Hospital , which can be accessed via Old Dumbarton Rd or Gilbert Street just near the school building.

As I walked into the park from Old Dumbarton Rd entrance, I thought I was entering a forest rather than a park.  The scene reminded me of I Am Legend with Will Smith and what happens if there is no human interference.  The grass used to always be cut and occasionally was a place to come down and play football or golf. At the bottom beside the railway line used to be red blaize pitches, these have now gone and housing is there along with a childrens play area.  My sadness was, the reason I had came to make the video, the houses have stolen the view.  From the park you used to be able to see the Clyde all the way from Govan where in years gone by there were cranes, sheds, docks etc and a lovely view down the Clyde.  Sadly that view is gone for now.

Walking onto the top of Dalnair Street and corner of Esmond Street,(I stayed in Nairn Street) the houses have not changed at all.  Looking down the hill to the back of the Kelvinhall there is car parking.

Taking a walk to the end of Nairn Street there is housing at where there once was a wooden covered school.

At Yorkhill Street theres an old school which seems to be getting demolished.  Looking towards the Clyde you can see BBC Scotlands Clyde HQ in the distance.

The old Territorial Army Building which always had big soldier type transporters coming out has been converted into flats for sometime.  I think the TA building also had a vehicle repair bit at the side nearest the Gilbert Street back court.

My Granda lived in 32 Gilbert Street and stayed on the top floor, we used to look out and occasionally see a ship coming into Govan. This was late 1970s and early 80's before the Garden Festival Site.  In summer nights you could see the Waverly coming back home with its lights on and such was the stillness of area that you could hear the laughter of people no doubt bit tipsy coming back to Glasgow from their trip Doon the Watter.  My Granda later due to age did a house swap with woman on ground floor and he stayed in the house closest to the wall.  Once again the view of the Clyde was gone.  I remember leaving the bathroom window open and climbing up the brickwork which was hardwork for a 9 year old.  It was here in Gilbert Street I met a few people my age. One of those I recall was an older boy called Billy Connolly(not that one), I always remember he made a Masonic Orange Order Marching stick, which he made from a long straight stick and at the end was a tennis ball.  He wrapped in in orange tape and used to throw it high in the air and if he did n't catch it would bounce like a javelin into the air when it landed on the tenny baw side. 

At the corner of the Kelvinhaugh School you look down to the clock tower and you can see the science centre tower which never seemed to be what it could have been.  Govan and the south is in the distance.

Back taking a walk through the park, there used to be a few dens made to the left or over the wall on the right.  There's a nursary over the wall, where there used to be some old garages.

Getting back to the park, I felt sad that the park seems to have not been looked after.  While it may not be good for wildlife its sad it's perhaps not used as it once was.  I looked down to the new flats and seen kids playing footballs on a small bit of concrete thinking, years ago you'd a lovely place to play during the summer.  Most of all I was saddened that whoever built the flats never stood on that hill before drawing the height of their flats and thinking what a beautiful view of Glasgow, I cant ruin that.  

At the entrance to the park on Old Dumbarton Road, there is housing.  The old train station on the bridge sort of gone. The view down the Kelvin had some birds swooping.  There is large scale student accomodation built where the show people used to stay when the Kelvinhall had its carnival.  What saddens me here is that No social housing has been built in this area, not one block it appears in such a prime location.  Yorkhill was built on tenements, social housing and surely when they say regeneration then you regenerate from what was there, so social housing for Glaswegians as well as students.

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