Whose grave or burial stone is Luke Skywalker beside at end of Force Awakens


burial stone skywalker
Grave Burial Stone at End of The Force Awakens which Luke Skywalker stands beside.

So at the end of Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey meets Luke Skywalker who is standing looking out to sea standing beside a some assorted slates and rocks. One raised slate looks out of place, is it a burial grave stone.  As the magnified screen cap below suggests it looks like it is a grave stone with markings.  Very hard to say definitively what the markings are, would make no sense for them to be of the English alphabet though. 

Many fans think the letters relate to Luke Skywalkers wife being dead and it's her grave.

My own theory is that it's a memorial site or grave with ashes for Luke's father Anakin Skywalker /Darth Vadar.  Vadar was cremated at the end of The Return of The Jedi and came back as Anakin with Obi Wan Kenobi  and Yoda in their ghostly blue light to indicate that they still live on in one form or another.  Given that Anakin was ment to be the most powerful Jedi of all perhaps even his ashes could be used by the darkside in someway and Luke took them to this Island to look over them.

With Luke on this island and Anakin, Obi Wan Kenobi, Yoda and other Jedi spirits it could be argued that Luke would be able to complete in full training that he never really had. Luke could become the most powerful Jedi with the full complement of Force powers, even some which may never have been seen. 

Another reason and perhaps a more cynical reason in that it's Anakin's burial site and the island is also home to the spirit of the Jedi's, this gives Disney the chance to resurrect these characters thus making more money for the franchise.

If we look at the picture below there are a few items leading upto were Rey meets Luke.  Could this be a small stool for Yoda to sit on, some of Darth Vadar's body armour and at the top left of picture a ceremonial light or beacon as the top part looks like a pot.  Who knows.

One thing I would have liked to have seen for maybe 5-7 seconds more at the end of The Force Awakens if when Rey held out the lightsaber and Luke knowingly looked at her, he used the force to take the lightsaber from her and then not saying a word cut to credits.  I think myself and many fans would have been even more wow at the prospect of Star Wars VIII.

4/2/17 We know now that Star Wars VIII will be called The Last Jedi, so all of our answers will be answered upon it's release.  

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