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McLaren 675LT

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McLaren 675 LT

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5th June 2016,

Episode 1 of Top Gear had so much expectation on it and rightly so.  If Clarkson, Hammond and May had watched that episode then like the rest of the Top gear audience they would have been less than enthused with it.

Episode 2 started off with Chris Evans voice over and it's that over the top voice over that he may think is brilliant but where me and maybe other viewers think he is doing a mocking or impersonation of Clarkson ala Harry Enfield.  Maybe this could be something they get rid of and have someone else do the starting voice over.   

The McLaren 675 video section did have Chris being over the top for a few minutes and you may think well rightly so as it's a McLaren 675 so he should be, but it sometimes either comes across as smug or false as if he has to be this way.  Chris Evans is a good presenter and it's still early to say whether he is the right person for Top Gear.  When he and Jenson Button were together in the McLaren 675LT it was more relaxed and natural.

With Chris Evans having met many famous people through TFI Friday and radio, the African section was actually more relaxed and a better video than the Top Gun video of episode 1.  Bringing in stars like Eddie Jordan, Sharleen Spiteri ,Seasick Steve and Tinie Tempah who Evans knows well makes things more natural.  The African video section both parts were pretty good for whats been served so far.  Good banter between all pairings and the group in total. (Well apart from the Eddie Jordan not pushing the off-road button part) LeBlanc and Tempah seemed to get on really well, could see Tempah making a reappearance.  Evans can attract the stars to the programme even Damian Lewis.

The new section with the car in the Mini Cooper and the new track sections are a welcome addition and something that were really needed. 

So what about Matt LeBlanc, good or bad?  Well in episode 1 i thought he struggled, maybe jet lag.  He's been around UK folk with his appearance in BBC Comedy Episodes.  In episode 2 there was more of a relaxed atmosphere between him and Evans.  The fact there was more guests I think helped also, which I'd say is the way to go, perhaps too much Chris Evans is too much Chris Evans.  I do wish LeBlanc would lose the leather jacket and blue denims as he's reminding me of a modern day Fonzi.  As a presenter he's upped a gear.

In two episodes of the new Top Gear the show is starting to warm up, the first episode apart from the Ramsay and Eisenberg interview, there was nothing that would make me watch again.  Pretty much this episode had a lot more going for it and had repeat watching value.  So going forward more guests, break up the Chris Evans solo parts yes have him do the interviews.  I would maybe have changed the venue, not sure if a smaller set would have been better or moved on from the audience all around the guests. Lets see what episode 3 brings.

You can catch Top Gear on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

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Top Gear 2016 Episode 2

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