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leanne best cold feet

leanne best cold feet



Leanne Best as Cold Feets new star LandLady Tina Reynolds.


Last night saw the return of an old favourite, Cold Feet.  There had been a subtle hype about the return of Cold Feet in comparison to ITV's Victoria which has been advertised more so during advert breaks etc.   

Cold Feet's first episode was very much like stepping back into your favourite slippers or onesie with all the cast performing admirably.  The new cast members all fitted into their roles smoothly with no real oh I don't like them.

One new cast member is Leanne Best as Adam's Manchester landlady Tina Reynolds. Her opening scene was getting in what she thought was Adam's taxi and going home.  During her conversation with James Nesbitt's character she described how she was rushing home to get a new tenant who was an ex-pat and called him a banker wanker.  Little did she know her house guest was driving the car.

I'd sort of thought perhaps she would end up with Adam as it was playing out that Adam's new love Angela may be too young. Tina, though told us she's single but her boyfriend is not.  All in the character fitted snuggly in with the rest of the cast delivering some comic lines and also easy on the eye.

10-10-16 Well its been simmering along nicely but Tina has gave Adam a little peck on the cheek.+-

17-10-16 The course of true love never runs smooth and neither does Adam's blossoming love for Tina.  Well his attraction for his landlady.  Cold Feet through a spanner in the works to keep us waiting til the finale to see what happens with Adam's love life.  The game was up for Tina's married lover with first his wife finding out about an affair, then being fobbed off, then the hubby deciding to leave the wife just when if looked like Adam and Tina were about to move on a step.  There's 8 episodes of Cold Feet and we should nt be so keen for everything to go speedily or fastly, so it is ticking along nicely, with hopefully a romantic conclusion for Tina and Adam and another series.  I so wish Adam had n't bought that house of the old lady, but then again would he have wrote his review of Tina. 


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