Chicago Cubs win World Series – Back to the Future Almanac almost right.



Billionaire Biff Tannen to sue Sports Almanac Publisher over misprint.

Shortly after World Series 2016 Baseball win for Chicago Cubs billionaire Biff Tannen has announced he will sue publishers of Sports Almanac over their 2015 edition of the world sports results book.  Tannen who is a world renowned gambler argues that he has an Almanac that says the Cubbies would win in 2015.  He is believed to have lost millions in 2015 when the Cubbies did n't make the final, a team who are believed to have been cursed since 1908.

A spokesperson for Sports Almanac said that all editions of the 2015 Sports Almanac have Kansas City Royals as the winner for 2015.  The spokesperson said that they would like to see Tannen's issue.  Biff has said that he will hold off showing anyone his apparent one off edition of the Almanac.

Many people on the internet are wondering where Tannen's mysterious Sports Almanac has came from.  Online there is even the whacky suggestion by some that Tannen maybe a time traveler who somehow went into the future and got a Sport Almanac from 2015.  This theory if it was true, would explain Biff's incredible luck in his gambling wins dating back since he was a young man.  

Ok, so a spoof article, but makes you think again about some of the Back to the Future 2's predictions about 2015, things like hoverboards, self fastening jackets and power lace up Nike's.

The Cubbies winning in 2015 back when the film was made was probably a well researched idea, for even then they had n't won the World Series in around 80 years.  

So well done the Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series baseball winners, you have beaten the Cleveland Indians by 8-7 in this timeline.