Sherlock Holmes – The Lying Detective – Miss Me Theory


Sherlock raises it's game in The Lying Detective.

Spoilers no doubt below...

With a fantastic cast added by the superb Toby Jones, Sherlock returned to great form in The Lying Detective.  Where The Six Thatchers was quite a lot of physical bravado, this was a return to the mental intellect of Sherlock Holmes fighting his own demons in order to defeat Culverton Smith.

With the death of Mary Watson previously, John blamed Sherlock and was in his own world of torment.

Culverton Smith's boardroom scene reminded me a lot of Stephen Moffats Doctor Who, where he has the Cybermen march in, and the victim has no escape. 

Sherlock was introduced to Culvertons daughter, who set the ball rolling in this epic of a case which was full of twists and turns for our hero and for the viewer with lots of continuous ups.  The only downside was it's another week til episode 3.

While Toby Jones played a superb twisted killer which was as sly as perhaps Anthony Hopkins - Hannibal, it could be said the return of Una Stubbs as Mrs Hudson was extremely pleasing too.

We were also left with the revelation of the other Holmes sibling and perhaps rather than Moriarty being the one sending the Miss Me messages etc it's the sister.  Could it be that Miss Me is another of Moffat's little games he did with The Master in Doctor Who when she was called Missy.  Missy was actually the Mistress the female Master. 

11/1/17, I had been thinking about my above paragraph and also Stephen Moffat's usual but ingenious way of tricking us via Doctor Who (BadWolf), Sherlock etc. My eye kept being drawn to Miss Me.  We must surely believe that Moriarty is dead, although nothing is certain.  What if with the introduction of Sherlock's sister Eurus/ Euros, now here's the leap of faith.  What if Eurus was married to Moriarty and became Mrs Eurus Moriarty. Moriarty dies, she keeps her married name but is Miss Eurus Moriarty. Change the initials around and we have Miss ME.  Just a theory, but we have kept seeing Miss Me for the past few years, with Moriarty's voice and been swayed with a Moriarty return.  Could the Moriarty be his wife and perhaps the ultimate conflict brother against sister?   Guess we will have to wait til Sunday and i'll be totally wrong and it's something else.

You can catch Sherlock on BBC iPlayer.

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