Doctor Who meets The Matrix in Extremis


Doctor Who, just how many Matrix References in Extremis.

Peter Capaldi in his final series at as The Doctor has been very enjoyable to watch.  The confidence of a Timelord, the authority of a being who has been round for a thousand years and the humour and cockiness to make him endearing.  The scripts this season have been more logical than the Matt Smith years, you feel as though you can watch may episodes on their own again and again.   So did it borrow too much from The Matrix.


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1) Doctor Who is blind - So Was Neo.

Ok blindingly obvious this, but yep main characters blind but have the ability to see the world.  Did The Doctor really have to use the same styling in green as The Matrix?




2) A Virtual Environment controlled by aliens running a repetitive simulation.

As we discover in Extremis, aliens are running what we think of as reality in order to work out how to destroy us? After several simulations, problems occur.  The scientists with  Bill and Nardole realising they are simulations.  Numbers random strings etc etc.




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3) The kitchen scene, Bill and Penny.

Ok, maybe clutching at straws here, but that kitchen decor reminded me of Neo meeting The Oracle.




4) The Doctor realising he has been simulated many times.

As with Neo, The Doctor has been replicated in the simulation countless times.




5) The Fatality Index scene at the end, those bad guys.

Maybe just me but with a few Matrix type things happening, the way those aliens ran away was similar to Agents Brown & Jones running away at end of The Matrix when Neo defeated Agent Smith.




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