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The Apprentice – Review – Mr Hindsight and no skinfull


Mr Hindsight and Mr Teflon stay in The Apprentice.

Another week, another challenge for the seemingly future brains of British Entrepreneurship.   So Elizabeth was team leader and to her credit lead with authority and spoke down those who were trying to interrupt.  Well played to Elizabeth.   While she was running a military style precision organised tour of Brugge akin to Ruth Madoc from HiDiHi the other team were led by Sarah-Jayne Clarke.   Sarah-Jayne may have led the team but the other two who ended up in the boardroom were surely more so to blame for the task failure.

I sometimes wonder about the contestants on The Apprentice, have they ever watched the programme before.   Top Tip future contestants, download a boxset or buy previous seasons and pick up some tips.   Top Tip 1, don't nominate yourself as PM week 1.

Andrew promised a'skinfull', of drink then gets to the boardroom and says he never said that.  Bit like promising an all you can eat buffet and ending up with a packed lunch.

Charles Burns aka Mr Hindsight as he was christened last night by Lord Sugar has really been one of the many passengers on this journey.   Last nights our of Brugge could have been sponsored by Scholl for insoles and bunion protection.  The amount of walking those poor tourists had to do 🙁

Lord Sugar says he can never give Andrew his £250,000, well if he can't why not say 'You're Fired'.  It was bemusement  by many and surely if Charles is Mr Hindsight then Andrew is Mr Teflon.

For the past few weeks there has been a case for two people being fired, last night was surely a case for a triple ejection.  

Highlight last night was Elizabeth on her Segway shouting to Infinity and Beyond.

Low point, no double or triple firing.

You can catch The Apprentice on BBC iPLayer.

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