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The Woman Who Fell To Earth - Doctor Who - Jodi Whittaker.

So all the anxiety can now be over, the new Doctor Who is a woman and the first episode was not as bad as people feared.

As new Doctor's regeneration episodes go it was actually quite good, low key not over the top.   Jodi Whittaker is actually quite charming and maybe that win's people over and so in truth made the episode so watchable.  Supporting cast were good as well with Bradley Walsh showing like he did in Law and Order what a good actor he is, stable and can turn his hand to a non comedic role.

Even the alien was a bit more well thought out costume wise and when his face was covered in teeth it had that yuck factor if not a little bit of fear to it.

New toy will be the Doctor's Swiss Army Screw Driver - well you have to have something to buy the kids and fans for Christmas.

Doctor Who - The Woman Who Fell To Earth can be seen on BBC iPlayer

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