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Off the Hook Airdrie - Don't just think Chippy - Try their Chinese Dishes.

Have been using Off the Hook for just under a year and have to say their dishes are really tastey and worth going back to again and again.

So what makes Off the Hook so good, I have to first think the batter is really good and thats on every dish they do, not just the Fish Suppers, the fritters but also on their Off The Wok menu items.

The fish suppers are large, the fish is flakey white and the batter is golden yellow and crunchy.  Tip someone once told me is don't order salt n vinegar, just do that in your own house otherwise it will arrive soggy. I'm now trying that where ever I order.

Fritters are old school and pretty much cooked to order.

Chips Cheese and Curry Sauce is really well worth trying and you feel as though you've ate a large meal.  Very yummy.

Salt and Chilli Chips - Off the Hook love to give you chilli and some nice sweated onions.

Off the Wok

I've tried a few dishes from this.

Bang Bang Chicken, a rather eye watering, nippy but delicious dish of chicken in batter and a spicy pinkish sauce.  Officially described as Crispy chicken pieces coated in our homemade Sweet + Spicy Sriracha Sauce, topped with Fresh Chilies.   This is well worth a try.

Salt and Chilli Chicken.  Pieces of chicken covered in salt and chilli I guess.  Very tasty and hot but keeps you going back for one more piece.

Beef in Black Bean with Crispy Noodles. Beef and Mixed Peppers in Black Bean Sauce layered over a bed of Crispy Noodles. Bought this as one of their specials.   It was not bad, I tried it, not enough to reorder though.

Battered Chicken Balls.  Reasonable portion of large chicken balls to go with Sweet n Sour Sauce or Curry Sauce.  Worth a try.

Salt and Chilli Ribs.  Short cut ribs, bite size.  These are tasty and worth trying.

Honey Garlic CHICKEN WINGS Double Fried Sticky Sweet + Spicy topped with sesame seeds. These are well worth trying and they are really sweet. Coated in another of Off the Hooks great batters, I felt wonder if they could make more deserts.  They come in a little Chinese like noodle box and at the bottom there's lots of the gooey honey left over to dip into.


Reasonably priced and never had any issues with time to deliver or quality or temperature of food.

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Phone Number for Off the Hook 01236 769272

22d High Street, Airdrie ML6 0DT