23-1-22 Apex Legends – The Basics Tactics to be a Champion Duo or Trio

Apex Legends - Rule 1 - Firing Range

Apex  Legends is a frustratingly simple game to play.  The Legends all have there strengths and weaknesses and you just have to find the character who matches your style of play.

What ever Apex Legend you choose, you can really only win by getting some shots on tactic.

The Firing Range in Apex Legends gives you the chance to practice and get familiar with all the weapons and the guns.

Weapon choice - Same as the character you have to choose what you like, what works for you.   You might like close combat and go for a shotgun or be a sniper and use the Sentinel.   Whatever you choose getting shots on target is crucial so use the Firing Range.

The Target Dummy - You will notice head shots get the most points on the whole.   Practice going for the head, once you get your target on site get used to reloading.   How many burst can you get out a magazine, get a feel for this.  For instance assault rifles three or four short bursts then reload.

The Target Boards - Again just try hitting the head, reloading and repeat.

The Moving Target Board - This will be your closest to moving player targets.   So try this from up close and far away.  Headshot, Headshot headshot and reload and repeat.

I'm not the greatest player but have noticed that after trying the target range which I did n't play initially that I am getting shots on target when actually playing.   Practice makes perfect.




Apex Legends - Rule 2 - Character Choice

Apex  Legends is a frustratingly simple game to play.  The Legends all have there strengths and weaknesses and you just have to find the character who matches your style of play.

Some characters are fast and some are slow.   Try them all that you have available.   You might think the airstrike characters are great, or Bloodhounds skill of finding the Hostile.   I am a slightly defensive player compared to my friends.  I don't mind this so I like Caustic, but he is slow.   If you have a fav character stick to them and just learn how they work and when to use your abilities for the benefit of you and your team.

Apex Legends - Rule 3 - Where to Drop

Apex  Legends is a frustratingly simple game to play. Some people drop in from the Map which means you don't see the other players dropping too.   I find coming out the plane and free falling then choosing where to land after others have landed to be my tactic.

There are quite a few locations which most teams drop to regularly and you will be caught in a fire fight.   If you like this style of play and you are good enough and survive then basically you can land anywhere.   If you are not a great player and need good supply bins then it's maybe to goto the quieter spots on the map.   You can loot in relative safety and have enough weapons, ammo, shields and extras to get that win.

Apex Legends - Rule 4 - Squad Teamwork

Apex  Legends - Squad Teamwork makes the Dream Work or Makes you a Champion Squad.

It's taken a while for mean and family members to get into a style of play and there is no overall right way to play Apex Legends but there is most definitely a wrong way to play as a Apex Legend Squad and that's free for all.  Running all over the place and not being close to cover each other is the wrong way.   Sticking together works - sharing weapons and reviving and respawning each other makes you live longer.

Come up with strategies for looting areas and for storming buildings.   For instance some teams come all three through the one door, others may send in one person, then a second shortly after and a third covering.  Other teams like one player through each door.   Communication and Strategy is key to winning.

When I've joined in teams as a guest when I have won because the other team mates have stayed close together and we have known in the final battles to stick close together and watch for the other team coming or known when to charge the other team.   When you win you feel amazing and you realise you can only win with team work.