Birdseye Brazilian Lime & Chilli Chicken Chargrills Review

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Birdseye Chicken Chargrills Chilli & Lime Flavour review.

Decided to give these a try while they were on sale in Tesco for £1.  More than likely you will have tried Chicken Chargrills before if you are reading this review.


So perhaps when you get them out the box they do not look appealing in their frozen form but thats just the beginning of the process.  I cooked these in my Vonshef Square Multicooker and cooked from frozen.  I used a spray of oil on the multicooker and cooked at medium heat for around 13 mins turning once about 5 mins into the 13 mins.  I did add a strip of bacon as I cooked the chargrill for lunch.  In the final minute i turned my multi cooker up full just to give it some colour. You do get a waft of the lime and chilli when cooking, even more so when heat is up high.

Serving on some lightly toasted toasted brown bread it looked more appealing and I added that slice of bacon.  Taste wise, it's a nice flavour with the hint of lime and a sort of salsa-ish flavour.  Would I buy this particular flavour of chargrills again, yes,  they are nice and are great for a snack.  

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