Cadbury Screme Egg Pot of Joy Green Goooo – Could be better

cadbury screme egg

Cadbury Screme Egg 4 pack - Pots of Joy.

These were just an impulse buy at Tesco as they were going for £1.  I had highish hopes for these, well as in they would be worth getting again.

Sadly that is not the case.  Upon opening they are your typical pots of joy a layer of Cadbury melted chocolate and well we just have to see whats below.  Using the principal of a Ceme Egg ie How do you eat yours.  Well my pots of joy tea spoon method is make sure my tea spoon goes all the way to the bottom and get the whole range of contents in my first mouthful.  With this principal applied you get a lot of chocolate a tiny slither of green colour and the rest white. Obviously nearer the centre the ratio pics up, with slightly more green and much more white.



This is where I was bitterly disappointed. So for my own foolish reason I thought this might have been perhaps a mintish flavour centre nope its plain tasting and same as the white stuff.  The advertisement says Green Goooo, assuming meaning Goo.  Well mmmhhhh no,, no goo here. Unless you perhaps scrape the chocolate layer off then you are not seeing any goo.  These Pots of Joy I tend to eat slowly and savour every mouthful, alas not much savouring here.  There is just no real flavour apart from the top layer of melted chocolate.  On the box it says 'Theres nothing scary about the taste', perhaps never a truer advertising statement. Could maybe have with held the word scary and just wrote theres nothing about the taste.  

These were in a 4 pack and me and my friend had 2 each and they commented 'would n't be going for them again'.  I so wish I had went for the Cadburys Caramel Pots of Joy at a £1 which are great along with the Rolo or Milky Bar Pots.  These Screme Egg Pots just are sadly very disappointing.

I'd rate them 4/10 and that's mainly based on the chocolate and the fact they were £1 otherwise it would be a 3/10.