Dating tips for men on Internet dating sites

Heres a brief guide of some online dating tips for men from the perspective of a 40 odd year old man, who had dated online on and off via the internet for past twelve years.

Overall there are no hard and fast rules for dating on the internet.  The tips here are for men looking for a serious relationship.  They are for men not looking to be on the internet searching for a lady for years on end.

The tips below are if you are on a dating site not one of the mobile apps like Tinder etc.


Your profile picture.

We can all be shy. If you are looking for someone online then it's maybe because you are shy or nervous of chatting a lady up in a pub.  In the world of the internet to save time, you are as well having a picture if not two pictures at least on a profile.  One picture should be a face shot, it does n't have to be a passport pic, but something that does n't need a magnifying glass to see what you look like.  The second picture should be a full length pic, you can crop this so its only yourself in it.

Your profile.

Keep your profile fairly brief and a little bit jovial.  I would say that its going to be sadly 70% picture and 30% your written profile what women are going to like and respond to.  I might be wrong but probably not by much.  You are selling yourself online so try your best but don't go overboard.  Don't go overboard, don't think the internet is the only way of meeting someone of the opposite sex. Meeting a future relationship is still more than likely to happen via your circle of friends.

Who do I message.

I would advise on dating sites not to message anyone without a photograph.  You are either going to get someone you are not attracted to.  If you have been brave enough to put a picture up so should they.  If they have private photographs/pictures.  Then ask them to send you them.  If they do not send you pics within three interactions ie messages between you the WALK AWAY AND FORGET.  Seriously it's not worth wasting time.

Do I message and what do I message.

Sadly although we are ment to be equals, its more than likely you will have to make the first move to a female.  Keep your messages brief and try to look for something either in their picture or their profile to engage with.  Don't be lewd or crude even if thats your humour.  There are women who have lewd or crude humour, but that will come out in time.  Women on dating sites complain all the time that they just get filth sent to them straight from the off, so don't follow the same lines.  Keep your messages light hearted.  If she's interested she will respond.    Don't keep messaging someone who does n't respond.  If the chat is poor or one sided walk away.  OK, women maybe getting lots of messages, but if they want a relationship then its up for them to make the conversation two way.  If there are any women reading this, The phrase sometimes it's like getting blood out a stone,  make an effort ask some questions to keep conversation flowing.  Maybe men are the same also, though I've never chatted a man up.

When to exchange contact numbers or email addresses.

Don't pester someone for their number or email.  Let the conversation flow a little. It maybe the case they may offer you the number.  There is the saying if you are not fast you are last, thats true. Though women don't like to be pestered, well does anyone.

Chat on phone before meeting.

I would suggest always chatting on the phone before meeting someone.  You probably already have an attraction with each others pics, your sense of humour, hobbies etc,  but its good to see if this continues when chatting.  So I would advise before that first date or meet up talk on the phone.

Take a break, as said above Internet Dating is not the main way people meet each other, it's still meeting via friend of a friend, a relative introducing you, maybe meeting through a hobby, or even that random meet in the street or a supermarket.   So don't get addicted to Internet Dating. Dating should be fun, it's not a job.  Meeting someone is what we all mainly want to do, but there are also other things in life.

Remember What's for you won't go by you or Wots4u won't go by you.  🙂

More to follow.