HUDL2 – Replacement with an alternative at Christmas 2017

MY beloved Tesco HUDL2 is broken or damaged what do i replace it with in 2017?

It's been returned to base once as is past its guarantee stage. I use it daily, Tesco really did make us a great product.  For it's price the HUDL2 was value for money even more so than the HUDL.  Where it really excelled was the 2GB RAM and the HDMI feature.  So say your HUDL2 does need replaced or upgraded what are the alternatives. Have tablets moved on any or are they yesterdays news.  Here are some of my recommendations for what are good buys in December 2017 that come close or surpass the HUDL2 credentials - Good technology for value & features.  The items below are 2GB RAM and 16GB storage and are just pointers for you to consider.

Updated December 2017

Bush Tablets at Argos 

The tablets at the link below offer a nice selection of Hudl 2 alternatives.

The B2 10 inch 32gb, comes with HD Display, Mini HDMI and 2 GB of RAM with Android Marshmallow.  Battery life does not seem as good though.   Bush 32GB 2GB RAM Tablet

Bought the above tablet for my mother as Christmas gift on 23rd December 2017.   The case of the device is quite solid, not the plasticky feel of the Hudl 2.  Screen is bright and clear, watched a few things on BBC iPlayer.  The device came with Marshmallow installed.  I never played any games as was just setting the tablet up.  Overall, I would consider buying one for myself.  Battery life is described as 5 hours.  

Huawei Tablet at Argos

Perhaps not a HUDL 2 alternative, but does have 2GB of RAM and a phenominal 30hrs of battery life.


Lenovo Tablet at Argos

2GB of RAM and a 10hrs of battery life with 10 inch screen