20th December 2020 JVC TH-D679B 2.0 Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos Review and yes worth buying

Its Worth Buying JVC TH-D679B 2.0 Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos from Curry's for £89.00

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I'm not going to pretend I know anything about sound bars, I don't.  I've just purchased one of these TH-D679-B's from Curry 24th of December 2019 and set it up and am I happy with purchase so far.  Answer is a big YES.

So why did I go for this unit, well the Dolby Atmos was one thing but was after a sound bar and the 3 HDMI ports on this bar appealed as well as the make JVC which if you are over 40 was actually and still is a good make in Audio.

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Having set the D679B up which was easy enough, I've gone with an optical lead from the sound bar into Sky HD Box.

What to watch first, Solo was starting later but I went for an old favourite - Armageddon and from the opening scene with the Earth and Dinosaurs and a Meteorite wiping them out to the first strikes on New York, the sound bar will make me want to watch old classic's and see how good the sound it.  As said I'm not a sound bar expert and not a Audio Visual expert but I'm happy with my purchase.  I've a small flat and a HI Sense 49 inch TV to view my Tv & Films on.   My sofa is around 6 ft away from the TV / Soundbar and I realise this is just too close in my opinion.  In Armageddon and the scene in space with the shuttle landing on Dottie standing up and further back you could really appreciate the 3D effect.   The sound is clear enough and ok will have to dabble to get the right balance but for £89.00 I think the JVC TH-D679B is a great purchase for a first sound bar.

I'm not going to give it a out of ten score I'd just say if you are looking for a good sound bar then I'd recommend this unit.

Will be trying music etc on it.  Tried a recording of the Man City and Leicester game in December 2019 and that I would say was ok, sound was good but it's really movies this sound bar will come into play and I'm happy enough with that.

20th December

Experiences with TH-D679B from JVC Sound Bar.

My set up - Hi Sense 49inch TV.  I stay in a small flat, I've moved my sofa back to 7ft away from TV. I'd say 7-10 ft would be ideal.

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Have watched Armageddon a Sky HD download using the optical cable.   This made me want to watch a great film even more.  Volume at 14 or higher and you can really appreciate the things happening around you. Space shuttles, meteorites, explosions etc.  Dialogue is good too.

On the off chance I flicked through Sky TV user guide and tried David Attenboroughs Blue Planet and you can really appreciate thunderstorms, animal stampedes and silence and forest sounds.

Dolby Atmos.  I tried  downloading Atmos files via internet onto a USB and playing them.  This did not work.  Sound Bar as per instruction manual will only take MP3 files.  So went onto You Tube and paired the sound bar to my phone and played what are believedly Atmos files.  Obviously these files are not run of the mill, so the sounds will be crisp etc and they were. You are looking at your phone at same time as listening so not great way of proving an audio visual experience, but audio wise yes very good.

Premiership Football.  Better than my own TV, mmhhh not enough I guess to buy a sound bar.  Yes when Sky does it's logos and team line ups the sound is set up for swishing around , good.  Watching the Man City v Leicester Game I would not say it was something I needed a sound bar. Though I keep coming back to a sound bar being less than £100.00, we have all spent money on other crap and this is a worthy purchase.

What to watch next, Batman - Dark Knight, Independence Day.  I once bought a Sony Hifi with Surround Sound Speakers and was blown away with the rumbles of the alien ship (Independence Day) flying over the moon.  So that to me is my test and will do so soon.  What ever your fav film does this sound bar make it seem better.

25-12-19 Watched Top Gun using Sound Bar, yeah happy with this too.  The jet noises continuously were superb. Great 80's sound track too.

17-01-20 Watched the film Ready Player One on Sky Cinema, brilliant film and even better with the sound bar.  Still happy I bought it.  Have went back and tried normal TV sound and it's a yes the sound bar is much better.

20-12-20 I've now had the sound bar for a year.  I've enjoyed using it.  I've tried once or twice just using my own TV speakers and well I am going to stick with the soundbar for my small flat.  I am going to try at a friends house over Christmas as they have a TV room.  One thing that is a gripe is when the sound bar goes into standby it can take a lot of presses for it to respond.  It's not the batteries as works after its came out of standby.  Seems to be a little slow to respond, so you can press power on, looks like no response and yet when it comes back on with the initial button press it can go off with the other presses.  I've read a few people say this.   So it's maybe a niggle with impatience trying to get the bar out of standby.  It's a niggle and has n't made me think i need a new soundbar.

Technical specifications for JVC TH-D679B 2.0 Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos OVERVIEW Type Sound bar Number of channels 2.0 Total power output 100 W SPEAKERS Configuration Sound bar x 1 Power 100 W Frequency response 30 - 18,000 Hz AV FUNCTIONS Audio features Dolby Atmos Preset sound modes- News
- Music
- Sport
- Night
- Movie Audio processing Dolby Atmos HDR 4K HDR CONNECTIVITY Inputs- AUX x 1
- Optical x 1
- Coaxial x 1
- HDMI 2.0 x 3
- USB x 1 Outputs No WiFi No Bluetooth Yes USB USB 2.0 x 1 GENERAL Power consumption- On mode: 60 W
- Standby: <0.5 W
- Annual: 1.44 kWh Colour Black Box contents- JVC TH-D679B 2.0 Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos
- AC cord x 1
- 3.5 mm cable x 1
- Coaxial cable x 1
- HDMI cable x 1
- Remote control x 1
- IB Dimensions 73 x 800 x 105 mm (H x W x D)Boxed dimensions 115 x 1030 x 145 mm (H x W x D)Weight 2.44 kg Boxed weight 3.1 kg Manufacturer’s guarantee 1 year