Kegs or Tails Airdrie – Where to buy Beer Kegs

Kegs or Tails for your Beer Hawk Kegs.

Where can you buy Perfect Draft Beer Kegs in Airdrie or Coatbridge - Kegs or Tails

Where is Kegs or Tails - Kegs or Tails is located at 27 South Bridge Street Airdrie.

Does Kegs or Tails have a Facebook Page - Yes Facebook page is here

Do they sell Phillips Draft Machines - Yes.

Can you hire a beer machine from Kegs or Tails. - Yes contact them for details

Can you return used Kegs - Yes Kegs or Tails take used Kegs

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Check out Kegs or Tails for Discounted Beer Kegs.

30-6-23 Kopparberg Strawberry and Lime Kegs - Limited stock 2 per Customer

20-5-23 Stella Artois and Orchard Pig Kegs at Reduced Prices this weekend.

10-12-22 You can buy Gift Vouchers at Kegs or Tails for a Christmas present.

28-10-22 Camden Hells for Perfect Draft available at Kegs or Tails

21-10-22 Diekirch Crhistmas Edition available

31-5-22 Orchard Pig Cider is available at Kegs and Tails

29-4-22 Zipfer Marzen Lager Available in Kegs and Cocktails, Airdrie, Scotland.

Vocation Life and Death Kegs available.   A truly nice tropical flavour.   It's strong though.

All info taken from the Kegs or Tails Facebook page.

Kegs or Tails for Perfect Draft Kegs in Airdrie, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire.