Kualo Web Hosting – Why choose them

Kualo Web Hosting Small Review

Perhaps I've been lucky, I struck gold the first time.  

wots4u has been hosted by Kualo for over 5 years.  As a novice with thinking of buying my own domain in 2011 I read a lot of reviews.  For me being in the UK it was important that I got a UK based business.  I read a lot of reviews and by and large Kualo seemed the one to go for.  Perhaps it was n't number 1 at the time.

I bought two domains and some webspace.  I never really used the webspace so just kept renewing the domains.  Kualo offer webspace that suits my needs just now. The cpanel has gradually got better from when I first logged in, hey time moves on.

Where Kualo really shine though is customer service.  Nothing is a problem and things get rectified very quickly and smoothly.  If I've needed a password reset it's been easily enough explained what I need to do. Whether it's my Kualo password or my cpanel password.  If i've been late paying my monthly subscription that's been amicably resolved.

I've since set up a friends business website and again setting things were very simple and communications with the Kualo customer service team were excellent.

So if you are in the UK and you want a web hosting company which offers reliability and excellent customer care then I would recommend Kualo.  If you want something more specialised then I'm sure you can ask them and they will help you out.  For a beginner novice and intermediate then Kualo works well for me and could work well for you.