Offers and Discounts with Tesco Clubcard 26th of January 2021

26th January 2021 Tesco Clubcard savings, offers and discounts you can get with you card.

Tesco Clubcard has been around for years and you can use the little card, fob or phone app to save prices.  In the past year it's been more important to have a clubcard as the savings which you used to get for just being a customer you now need a Tesco Clubcard.

You can sign up for a Tesco Clubcard here.

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Tesco Clubcard Recommended Offers of the Week.

McCain Straight Cut Home Cooked Chips 1.6kg Bag down to £2.50 26th January 2021

Lurpak Spreadable Butter 500g Reduced from £3.75 to £2.75 26th of January 2021

Galaxy Chocolate Large 360g Bar for £2.50 reduced from £3.50 26th of January 2021

Weetabix 48 Pack - £3.50 reduced from £4.80.    Morrisons and Asda have same price of £3.50

Nandos Peri Peri Medium Sauce 125g for £1.00  reduced from £2.00.   Asda have a 250g  bottle for £1.50

Lurpak Spreadable Butter 1Kg tub for £5.50