Partick Bus Station Interchange Upgrade 2017

Video of Merland Court - Partick Bus Station InterChange Upgrade October 2017.

On Monday 16th October 2017 work began on upgrading the Partick Bus Station / Interchange and the Morrisons Car Park.




When did work / construction begin at Partick Bus station.

Work began October 2017.

How long is the construction / redevlopment to last at Partick Bus Station / Morrisons.

Presently 8 months.

What is being carried out redevelopment wise at Partick Bus Station / Morrisons.

There will be increased Bus stop/ stances to keep up with demand due to passengers going to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and the increased student accomodation behind Morrisons.  The Bus stances will be pushed back into Morrisons current front car park.  Land at the side of Morrisons which was previously a nursery is being converted to car spaces for Morrisons car park.

Where can I find out more information about work being carried out at Partick Bus Station.

SPT have two pages to view