Priority Access Card from William Hill – Why sign up for one?

So why sign up for a William Hill Priority Access Card.  Well the main reason is that you get winning put straight in your account from internet bets and these winnings along with other money in your account is instantly accessible for you to spend.

The card is contactless and is your standard Mastercard with 16 digit number and 3 digit security number.

I'd say I am a problem gambler and the last ten or so years I've played the Fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT) roulette machine game.  I gamble online as well and can do small bets to £10 to £20 so not a heavy gambler online. 

The William Hill Priority Access card means that you get your winnings instantly so there is no withdrawing money on a Monday and having it credited to your account on a Wednesday, if you are lucky.  The money is available there and then.  Another thing is that it saves you using winnings that you have saved up for withdrawal.

You can use the card like any card, so you can do your shopping in the high street or online.  You can use the contactless feature where available.  You can even pay bills with it, so you can pay your Sky bill or council tax with it.  I am talking about manual payments here not setting up an automatic payment against the card as you never know how much money you will have in your account.  I have been able to use the Priority Access card with SSE (electricity) , SKY, Council Tax, Housing - Rent, TV License.

Using the card and having that instant access means I don't go into a bookies as much as I used to.  Which for me is a good thing.  

Application was simple enough though I did have to send I.D. to a William Hill email address.  This went a bit strange as the Authentication team said i did n't need to.  This team seemed based abroad and when I spoke to a UK person he said yes I did after he had seen the email I had sent him.  I'd basically wanted my I.D. to be deleted if it was not indeed needed.  It was the only annoyance with the procedure.  I have needed my PIN reissued to my mobile so that was simple enough.

So I would recommend getting a William Hill Priority Access Card, it's easy to use and I have not had a problem with using it.  

Quickcash slip no longer works when you have Priority Access Card. 

14th January 2017.  I have noticed one slight problem with it.  If you use Quickcash, you will cannot use it as a source of funding once you get the Priority Access Card.  During Christmas and banks were closed I thought get a Quickcash slip so can add funds to my William Hill Account. Went home tried to add the funds via the code and would not let me.  Called William Hill and they said it would no longer be a form of funding, to return to the shop.  Took about 20 mins for cashier to give me my money back, no blame on him.  The cashier had to ring about three people to authorise return of money, so beware.