Review Keter Manor Pent Garden Storage Beige Shed 6 x 6ft

Keter Manor Pent Garden Storage Shed 6 x 6ft – Beige

These shed's were bought from Argos in April 2021.

The Keter Pent 6 x 6ft plastic shed is ideal for smaller, tighter gardens and locations under low-hanging foliage. It's great for keeping garden tools and is the ideal size for a bike shed. There is one plastic window that allows daylight to enter the shed and provides ventilation. The out-swinging door opens wide enough (63cm) to push through a bicycle or lawnmower and can be padlocked shut. Footprints: 175cm x 175cm.

Its durable, weather resistant resin construction means it is virtually maintenance and fade-free. It has an attractive wood-like texture and only requires an occasional wash to keep it looking new.

Plastic sheds come with a floor but still need to be built on a strong, level base like concrete, paving slabs or tarmac. This base is not supplied. Do not place directly onto a base of grass, earth, sand etc as natural movement will affect the stability, reduce lifespan and cause the doors to warp.

See the PDF on the Argos Website


Overall owning the two of these for over 3 months they seem to be very good.  They are plastic so not expecting what you would get with wood.

The sheds have been placed on concrete slabs.   This will hopefully mean the lifespan of the plastic floor will last longer.  It's a reinforced plastic floor but could imagine if something sharp went into it, then it would not hold up so you could maybe put would down on top.

The side panels again are a plastic material and seem durable enough.

They are plastic shed's so I can't imagine if someone was going to rob your shed they would have much to do to break in, though could be wrong.  Though if someone's going to break into a wooden shed then they'd no doubt have the right things to get in.

There is a plastic panel window and this can be opened. There are some ventilation slats on either side.

So far they look good.   Have put a few shelving units inside to hold tools and paint.  Also put some strimmers and lawnmowers on the floor and they have not dented the plastic floor.

In terms of assembly this took 2 people just over 3 hours.   All depends who you work with.   The instructions are reasonable.   What I would say is that you do have a metal drill bit at hand. Also use a small drill bit to make holes then use either screw driver or screw driver bits.  The screwing into metal for the doors was the most troublesome part.

So over all would I recommend the sheds well three months in yes they are worth the month and I am sure they will be around in 5 years time if not more so that's good enough.