Shared on Facebook – Win a free holiday, Voucher Giveaways , Be Careful

If something is too good to be true then it probably is. Facebook Share Prize Scams

Ask yourself, take a brief couple of seconds, count to ten, why are so many companies on Facebook offering holidays, shopping vouchers , and other prizes. Well the answer is they are probably not 9 times out of 10, not 99 times out of 100,  but more like 9999 times out of a 10,000 not offering prizes.  In fact they actually have nothing to do with these prizes, they ain't through any subsiduary or anyway related to the company.  They are in fact nothing more than scams.

When you see these shares from friends it's basically one sorry to say this gullible person, passing onto more gullible people.  You see your friend who you think must know what they are talking about and are sharing something genuine. You don't question it so you share and it's like a major pyramid effect of spreading a scam.

It's incredibly easy to set up a Facebook page of a company.  On a desktop PC for example simply go upto the drop down menu next to Privacy Shortcuts and then go to Create Page, from there you can create a business page.  Copy a couple of logo's from Google Images,  write a couple of things to look authentic and you have what looks like a company page.  Make up a competition to draw in the crowds and share it with a few people, who then spread it again and it spreads like wildfire.

So why do they do it??  Well there are a few reasons.

  1.  If you like one of these pages, then it's giving the scammer a genuine person's Facebook to scam in future. You are giving the information that you are susceptible to fraud, that they can work on you in future.  It might highlight to a scammer that if you believe these things then you might not have and privacy settings either so they can get valuable info from your Facebook page to commit future fraud on you or your friends.
  2. The chance to redirect you to another site, which will lure you in with a prize but could have malicious software that could either ruin your computer, get access to data such as banking details, or install Ransomware which is on the increase. Software which renders your computer useless until you have paid over money to the scammer.
  3. They can even do it just for the fun of it.

So when you see these £500 shopping vouchers only 30 left.   Major Airline holiday giveaway share and like etc.  Even some sporting stars giving away equipment etc.   Ask yourself is it true.

Say for instance it's looks like a major airline.  Don't follow the link, simply either go into Facebook and type the first part of the airlines name.  Say for instance one which appeared recently EasyJet Airlines. Easyjets Facebook is simply Easyjet.   Or search for the company in Google, Bing, Yahoo etc and find their Facebook page from there.  If they have a competition surely it's going to be on their Facebook Page?      Most organisations will have a greyed circle with a tick in it, next to their company name to admit verified by Facebook.    Also companies if they are posting competitions on Facebook will be sponsored.

Hope you have enjoyed the above post and taken on board some of the scams which are about.  If what you have read stops you getting a virus or defrauded then my work is done.