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Steak Square Sausage in Air Fryer

Cooking Steak Square Sausage in an Air Fryer.

It's part of a traditional Scottish breakfast, the square sausage, the roll and slice, the lorne sausage.   These little square bit's of meat whether they be steak, pork or beef, Lorne Sausages are great to have with your breakfast.
You can cook steak square sausage in an air fryer and in the video I show you how quick and simple it is to do.  Personally I like to put the Lorne sausage against the wall of the air fryer so any fat drips down into the bottom of the air fryer.
Steak Slice should really only take around 7 or 8 mins in an air fryer.  Lorne Sausage is just so simple to cook and they are great in a morning roll and you can do the traditional Scottish Doubler.
Lorne Sausage and Egg, Lorne Sausage and Bacon. Lorne Sausage and potato scone, the list goes on.
In the video I have used We Hae Meat Sausages.
Though you can try other brands as well as your local Butcher.
Malcolm Allan Scotlands Family Butcher  Sausages Page
Simon Howie Sausages.

McGhee's Rolls Bakery

So why not try a Steak Square Sausage in you Air fryer, they really are easy to make and have with a big breakfast.  Get some Steak Slice Sausage / Steak Lorne Sausage.