Blochairn Car Boot Sale Sundays

Sunday Car Boot at Blochairn Market FAQ’s

Blochairn Car Boot Sale Sundays  Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers if you are going to the Blochairn Sunday Car Boot Sale.
How much does it cost to go on a Sunday to sell things at Blochairn Car Boot Sale
In July 2023 the price is £25.00 for inside to get a pitch.  £20 external /outside pitch.
Do you need to pre book for a pitch at Blochair Car Boot Sale.
No, you attend early on the day and fill in a registration form with some details including car registration.  You pay on the day via Contactless not Cash.
What time should I attend to get set up for the Blochairn Car Boot Sale.
The latest is apparently 8an first come first served.    It's open to set up from 4am.    I would advise turning up between 6am and 630am at the latest.   The market opens from 6am til 3pm.   If you arrive later you have to drive through lots of people to get a vacant picth.   Go early.
Is there an official website for Blochairn Car Boot Sale - Yes try here   Very responsive Monday to Friday.
What time can you leave Blochairn Car Boot Sale.
It's mentioned that you should not leave before 1pm.   It's a very busy place with people.
Is the Blochairn Car Boot Sale good?
I have to say it's good.   As a newbie bootseller other people are all friendly.
What tips for going to Blochairn Car Bootsale as a Seller
  1. Arrive Early.
  2. Bring change i'd say pound coins, 50ps and some £10.00 notes and £5.00 notes.
  3. I'd say take a few poly bags, nothing extravagant but I'd take a few.   As people buying stuff won't always have them and you might lose a sale or have someone coming back.
  4. Be prepared for a long day.  Time can sometimes go slowly so take a chair.  Go with someone to watch your things while you goto the toilet or some tea/coffee/food
  5. Bring a table .  Something like a decorating table at least, maybe some plastic containers and a clothes rail if you are selling clothes.
  6. Have prices in mind of what you are going to sell something for.   You don't have to sell, expect to take a quid or two off.  Also you might have something you think's worth your price,  if it is you are likely to sell it throughout the day.   Stand your ground and hold your price.


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