The Chase – Chris Briony Pat and John £60,000 episode.

Contestants Chris , Briony, Pat and John.

Chris was up first and duly got through with £6,000.

Theatre Maker Briony was up next but in a to and throw game she was finally beaten by  The Chaser - Shaun.

Pat came through with £4,000.

John took the brave pills and went for £50,000.  He managed to get through with his final question about which Disney film featured the line," alie keeps growing until it's as plain as the nose on your face".   The answer below.

So the team were heading for £60,000.

During their questions the team crumbled only managing to answer 9 to give them a total of 12 for the chaser to aim for. There was just no fluency and in their answering and they should have got a lot higher for the chaser to aim for.

Another day at the office for Shaun ,The Chaser.


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The answer was of course Pinocchio.










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