What can I buy from Amazon for under £30 this week.

This Sunday the 27th of March see's the last in this series of the excellent The Night Manager.  It's been gripping and tense with Hugh Laurie as Roper quietly menacing.  There's the tension at home with Olivia Colemans character, will she be murdered for going against this underground arms trade.  Tom Hiddlestone has been superb and if this was a audition for becoming the next Bond then he might just have passed.  His character progression has been believable due to his ex military background.  The entire cast I could not find fault with, it truly has been a great programme from the BBC.

If like me you only watched the second series of the fantastic Happy Valley then buying the first series is a good idea.  For a title of a show it's a very unhappy place.  Sarah Lancashire is the Sergeant on the beat in this great series.

For those looking for beauty products Shea Butter is well known for its benefits to the skin.  Buying a large amount is cost effective and TheSoapery is offering a fantastic deal through Amazon.

You would think that blenders and smoothie makers are a passing fad, but actually if you think about it,  they have continuously been about for years.  This blender from Breville with its family pack of sealable on the go containers makes the ideal start to blending and smoothie making.  I go through stages of using mine and they are great tasting when you make your own.


I've not listened to a James album in a few years so this could be a worthy purchase.  They did have catchy lyrics and maybe for me it's a bit of nostalgia to go back and listen to a band I've not heard for a few years.  A few of my friends still rave about them, so they do have longevity.