Yahoo – All is not lost Cmon pull your socks up

Why do I still goto Yahoo front page anymore, I guess it's one word Loyalty.  Why do I have the same email address as my primary as I have since the start, one word Loyalty.  So if I am loyal to Yahoo then there must be others who are also loyal.  The problem is that Yahoo has not necessarily been loyal to itself or us.

I'm 43 and have been using Yahoo on and off since about 1991. So on and off what does that mean.  Well Yahoo ain't a house or a car as in if you have one house and one car , you have no alternative but to use them until you move on.  The internet and browsers have moved on, evolved some to the detriment and this is sadly where Yahoo is, quite honestly a mess.

A mess which brings me to it's front page which in the UK is just full of dross stories which are out of date, no particular order and just the same as most other sites.  I don't want the same as other sites, if i did then i'd want it to be the same and not worse.  Take for instance today 12th of April 2016, the third story down submitted by Huffington Post UK is another story about the quiz show The Chase. Seriously in all that is going on in the world, all that is going on in the UK, someone saying the F-Word is 3'rd story on a website that is iconic and global.

There is talk of Yahoo being bought in part by Daily Mail Online.  The DM do a good job at doing what they do but can't they stick to that and let Yahoo  do something better and not necessarily tittle tattle news. I don't want that for Yahoo, I want it to be a leader as it was before.  A cool catchy name that you go for searching, you go for news and you get news not tonnes of adverts and not the news that you wanted.  I still use the mail client, perhaps like a bank account I don't want to change mine.

So how can Yahoo recover to it's former glory because that is not impossible.

  1.  Search engine have a bit of a clear out a spring clean. Maybe get rid of some articles that have n't been accesses ion a decade.  The side bar with web filter permanently displayed down the side is better than Googles. I hate how in Google I have to go back up and select past week, 24hrs or whenever to narrow my search.
  2. Cut out the old news, as they say in the UK,"Yesterdays Chip Paper".  Lets have up to date news.  Yahoo yes recycling is good but old news and calling it new news is false.
  3. Stop with all the big advertisements floating around everywhere, pulling down etc.  Leave that for other websites, go Old Skool back to what made you successful, keep it simple.
  4. Maybe hire a few older people in your staff and maybe even me.  Your brand is still good, lets return it to what made it great. More info less dross.
  5. Get rid off all these 10 things that you want to know, but when you get to page three after two big adverts you think I can't be bothered clicking anymore and don't care if i don't know the other seven any more.  These things stop me browsing on Yahoo and I simply can't be the only person who feels the same.
  6. Make it easier to submit a site I've tried countless times and my sites still not on,,GGGrrrrr.