Tesco Everyday Items worth buying and not frowning upon

 Tesco Everyday items worth trying and not looking down your nose at.


I'm in my 40's and I always remember the teasing someone would get at school if someone came in with shops own crisps. There has always been a snobbery about shops own branded food not being good quality, watered down etc.  A lot of it in part is due to the packaging but as we know in real life it's what's inside that counts.  Perhaps in years gone by the food was not that great, but food standards have risen and as we all know branded products are not what they used to be.  For instance a Mars Bar, Cadburys Dairy milk are not what they used to be, whether that be in size, weight or indeed ingredients and taste.  So below are somethings which are actually cheap, but tastey and you would be hard pushed to spot the difference in a blind taste test or just enjoying without food snobbery.

Tesco  Everyday Value Beans and Sausages 


I actually enjoy these with beans and toast.  Beans and those 8 pork sausages are a lovely little snack for lunch at work or an evening meal now and then with 3 slices of toast.  The value beans and sausages are tastey enough, not runny sauce and plenty of beans.  Even with branded beans like Heinz I will sometimes add BBQ sauce or some Curry powder, which you can do the same.  So have a try of Tesco Everyday Value Beans & Sausages and stock some up in your cupboard.

Tesco Everyday Value Dark Red Kidney Beans, Tomato Puree Tube or Tin , and Tesco's Finely Chopped Tomatoes

If you are going to make chilli or spag bol then the above are worth having in your cupboard. All of the above along with some herbs can make a delicious sauce for spag bol or chilli. Obviously drop the kidney beans for the spag bol.  Making your own sauce is fairly easy, and adding herbs such as oregano, a bit of garlic, some water and finding a taste that suits not own is easy but fills you with some pride too. For chilli I also buy a tin of Tesco Hot Chilli sauce 500g jar.

Tesco Everyday Golden Savoury rice and Everyday Long Grain Rice 1kg

For a easy curry or chilli etc the above too are very good value.  Sometimes I'll mix the savoury rice with the long grain rice, to add some flavour or just make a change.   A lot of people just need to learn how to cook rice and once you learn to get it to that right consistency and serving style of not being under cooked to be like grit or over cooked to be stodgy thats the secret.  Sometimes it's the cook and not the ingredients.  You can rince rice if you wish it does n't make much difference as in years gone buy.  I cook rice in a steamer and what i find best to do is let it cook for ten or so minutes then go in have a look and give a little stir.  I find I do have to watch rice, that maybe just me.  A watched pot they say never boils, but unwatched rice pot makes yucky rice.

Tesco Everyday Values Roasted Salted Peanuts

I really do love peanuts, salted peanuts, salt and vinegar peanuts monkey nuts etc..   The Tesco Value Peanuts for a pack of 200g are tastey enough , great quantity for the price and go down well with a beer to munch while watching the football or a movie. Put them in a bowl have a friend round and I doubt they would question the peanuts being cheap or tasteless.

Tesco Everyday Value one Litre Orange Juice.

I quite like this, it goes well with vodka, it's great on it's own.  If you mix it half and half with Tescos lemonade priced around 49p then it makes a refreshing drink when ice is added on a hot summers day.

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