Red Dead Redemption 2 – Kill Fish with Stick of Dynamite


The Crocodile Dundee way of Killing Fish in Red Dead Redemption 2, Use a Stick of Dynamite

While it may not be as humane as sticking a hook in a fish's mouth it is sure quicker.

The fishing in Red Dead Redemption 2, while fun and realistic, is quite a long process at times.  So why not goto a nice shallow spot, lure the fish in by casting out then, see where the breathing circles appear and throw in that stick of dynamite.

Yes some fish will go down to one star of Poor Condition but you will sometimes be lucky and get that three star Perfect Condition fish that did n't get away.

While dynamite can take a bit of a trek to get it is better to use this tip in places where the fish are a little bigger.

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