TW Kempton Blod Orange Gin Liqueur Bottle

Review TW Kempton Blood Orange Gin Liqueur


TW Kempton Blood Orange Gin Liqueur.


You can buy TW Kempton Liqueur from Tesco - Click Link

Drinking TW Kempton Blood Orange Gin Liqueur straight you can taste the orange flavour not overly powerful.  With the alcohol level at 20% perhaps any stronger you would lose that flavour.  Being a liqueur it's slightly thicker than plain gin.  I mixed the TW Kempton's with some Tesco Indian tonic water with a hint of citrus and it was nice to drink on a hot spring day in April 2019.   Smell wise straight from the bottle it smells of orange but not overly so.  The gin comes in a nice bottle with a wood cork which can easily be removed.

Is TW Kempton's Blood Orange Gin Liqueur worth buying, well at £12.00 at time of writing yes on a nice day it's something to have in your drinks cabinet.  Orange is a nice flavour but with this gin it's not an experience you will really remember.  It's worth a try but with so many gin's out there it's not one you would be reaching to buy first.   So will finish this bottle, will try with some ice and tonic water and also being 20% put less tonic in my drink.

You can mix the blood orange gin with tonic water or prosecco and soda.

TW Kempton Blood Orange Gin Liqueur is Produced and Distributed by ICB Ltd, Harrogate, HG2 8PB.

glass of TW Kemptons Blood Orange Gin