Ho Lee Fook Asian Streetfood at The Barras,

Ho Lee Fook – Great Asian Street Food at the Barras


Ho Lee Fook, the Asian Street Food place near the Barras Market.

Address for Ho Lee Fook is 1 MacFarlane Street, Glasgow G4 0TL.

Ho Lee Fook opened in June 2023.  Previously the couple behind Ho Lee Fook owned the rather good Off The Hook in Airdrie before they sold the business.  Off the Hook Airdrie when they ran it was both a chip shop and sold some Asian Dishes.  The Bang, Bang and Yum Yum dishes in particular were well yummy.  The Fish Suppers were large, with good fish and a really crisp batter, so now they have sold up and launched a Street Food Business.

Ho Lee Fook is located in the East End of Glasgow, just next to the Barrowlands Ballroom, the side with the lit sign on the Gallowgate.  It's close to Morrisons.   It was by chance that I looked on Facebook to see what was happening with Ho Lee Fook as last I heard they were simply selling some sauces etc to local Airdrie businesses.   So the update to see they had opened an establishment was a great surprise.

The Barras is not too far from Glasgow so took myself and the girlfriend to Ho Lee Fook on a sunny Sunday.   I'll admit of the Barra's is on, then parking is going to be a bit hit and miss in getting a space. So either use a local car park, Morrisons or hope you get a spot near by.   We parked near Bills Tool Store.

So straight away I was like jeez the place is busy, with people on the street corner.   It's hard knowing is there a queue or what's happening.   Basically look at the menu , order at the counter then just wait on the street with your numbered ticket.   They take cash or contactless.

The menu is limited and maybe thats something to do with size of place so I do hope the menu changes.  Though they did have a few things Off the Hook did not have.  Tonkatsu Sando was getting good reviews but could not get that so went with some dishes below.   Probably should have looked at the menu.  Check there Facebook or Instagram for times they are open.

Probably took about 15 mins to get the three items which was ok on a sunny day and the place was busy.   What that will be like on a cold December I don't know.

Salt and Chilli  Fries.   These as Scot's would say are nippy and a reasonable portion.  I will say when the owners had the chip shop I am sure these were chips and preferred them as chippy chips.  Hopefully could try and bring these back.

The Bang Bang Noodles were not bad,  the noodles were really long and thought maybe they could cut them in half, a small criticism.    There was some chicken and the batter was nice.  When you got that notorious nippy bit it has a hit.

The Gyozas were 5 delicious morsels of crispy wow.  I'd get these again.

Other things on the Ho Lee Fook menu included

Bang Bang Prawns - Definitely on my next visit list.

Spring Rolls


Honey Garlic Chicken Wings

As said the Menu is quite limited so hopefully will rotate.

Ho Lee Fook means Good, Wealth and Luck.

Ho Lee Fook did have some merchandise in the store, some woven bags so something to buy also.

Ho Lee Fook Salt and Chilli Fries
Ho Lee Fook Salt and Chill Noodles
Ho Lee Fook Gyozas
Ho Lee Fook Menu

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